The Hidden Key Difference

We know there a lot of choices out there when it comes to escape rooms, and while we hope you choose us, its more important that you simply choose to give escape rooms a try. However, we believe that Hidden Key Escapes offers the best value your for money. Below are some things that reflect our philosophy which we think set us apart from the average escape room company.

  • You Will Definitely Use Your Brain

    Hidden Key Escapes will always focus our rooms on challenging puzzles that make you think. Too much technology in a room can be repetitive and boring. We strive to offer an experience that makes you engage your critical thinking and logic skills, not just press buttons. We want our games to be challenging, yet achievable, so you can leave saying it was hard and you conquered it.

  • Always Unique Themes and Unique Puzzles

    While we cannot guarantee every puzzle you encounter with us will be unique, we try our best to include a few puzzles in each of our rooms that you won't see anywhere else. We can guarantee, however, that our themes and stories will be unique and unlike any other escape room you've see at other locations.

  • More Puzzles and Less Fluff

    A lot of places spend huge amounts of money to make their rooms look like a Hollywood set. These rooms can be beautiful, helping to set the mood and improve immersion in the game. However, some of these places spend more money on set design than puzzle design. You're paying us to be challenged and solve puzzles, not to look at cool decorations. Hidden Key Escapes has some of the most puzzles you'll find in escape rooms. We believe in a lot of content and getting the most bang for your buck. And trust us, we still decorate.

  • Customer Service is Paramount

    Our Gamemaster are always friendly and outoing, ready to answer questions and help in anyway they can. You paid for a fun experience, so we want to give it to you. They are well-trained to help you through the room if necessary, but again, we want to let you decide how your experience goes. We believe our customer's experience comes first and we do our best to provide that for you.

  • Escape Rooms Designed by a Gamer

    We don't buy our rooms from an online dealer, we build them by hand. Our escape rooms are designed with game-flow in mind, by somone who has played many video games, board games and escape games. We put a lot of thought into how a room will be played and our rooms are thoroughly tested before launching. We pride ourselves on rooms that don't leave you confused or frustrated.


Wednesday 5pm-9:30pm

Thursday 5pm-9:30pm

Friday 5pm-9:30pm

Saturday 1pm-9:30pm

Sunday 12pm-8:30pm

Rooms available every two hours.

Additional weekday reservations may be made upon request. Call for availability.

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