Six Do’s and Don’ts for Escape Room Players

Do…show up. Don’t…show up late. You can’t have an awesome time without showing up, so make sure you do that. No-shows are lame and showing up late is tacky. Plus, being late can cost you time in the room or put all other games behind schedule. Please don’t be late. Do…sanitize your hands. Don’t…put stuff […]

A Quick Word About Escape Room Reviews

Customer reviews are becoming increasingly important for any escape room competing for business. With so many options available, it’s very likely that after location and proximity, highly rated businesses will get chosen over competitors. Because reviews are an important part of any business, I wanted to share my thoughts, so you as the consumer, can […]

Top 10 Room Escape Quotes from 2017

As a Gamemaster of an escape room, you can see, and hear, some pretty crazy things. Below are a sampling of the more humorous quotes we’ve heard from players while in one of our escape rooms. Some of this stuff you can’t make up! WARNING: PLEASE BE ADVISED, QUOTES MAY CONTAIN SWEAR WORDS OR INAPPROPRIATE […]

Gamemaster Story: Teenage Girl’s Birthday Party

Recently we hosted an escape room birthday party of teenage girls. There were about thirteen young girls who split up into The Hideaway and The Storage Room. They were very energetic and excited…almost TOO excited. Every time I typed a hint to them on the screen they would shout the words as they read along. […]

Hidden Key Escapes in the Naperville Sun

In case you missed it, Daina Saleh was kind enough to write an article about Hidden Key Escapes in her Down to Business column in the Naperville Sun. It was a great article, and good publicity for Hidden Key and the swelling industry of escape games. Thanks to Daina and the Naperville Sun and anyone […]

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