The Hideaway

The Hidewaway Room Escape at Hidden Key Escapes
  • Players: 2-6 (Recommended 4-6)
  • Difficulty: 6 of 10
  • Escape Rate: 40%

In 1934, two bank robbers, and highly wanted criminals, decided to expand their criminal resume in an attempt to score big. The plan - a kidnapping. Their first and only victim - Charles Ross, the retired CEO of a large company in Chicago. Kidnapped at gunpoint on North Avenue, Ross spent weeks in a small hideaway in Emily, Minnesota while the masterminds were planning an elaborate ransom delivery. Ross had one opportunity to escape, but to do so, he had to somehow escape his locked room. Will he make it out alive? Or will he fall victim to the kidnappers plan. Based on a true story.

With over 15 locks, this room challenges your observational and organizational skills. Thorough searching and organized note taking is a must!

The Storage Room

The Storage Room, Room Escape at Hidden Key Escapes
  • Players: 4-8 (Strongly Recommended 6-8)
  • Difficulty: 8 of 10
  • Escape Rate: 37%

As a group of young treasure hunters, you're on a mission to take back what is rightfully yours. After your team uncovered a priceless artifact in Peru, the Museum claimed they were the ones who discovered it and took it for themselves. The Museum has stored the artifact in their basement storage facility until it can be appraised and put on display. Your team must sneak into the storage room, find the artifact and escape undetected. Will you be able to recover the artifact before the guards return?

This room requires teamwork, multi-tasking, organization, observation and logical thinking. Tough for newcomers, great for experienced escapers. Think you're prepared?

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