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Portable Escape Games

Hidden Key Escapes Offers Escape Games We Can Take Anywhere!

With the growing popularity of escape rooms and escape games, we thought it would be great if we could bring the fun of an escape game to you! With our portable escape games, you can host the party at your home of office and let Hidden Key Escapes deliver the fun and excitment of a room escape right to your doorstep. These portable games can be played almost anywhere and are perfect for company parties, team building outings, family gatherings, birthday parties and a whole lot more.

Online booking and more details/pictures for these games coming soon. If you're interested in booking, please call 630-442-0239.

Portable Escape Games by Hidden Key Escapes Rooms

The Gangster Trunk

Everything needed to play this escape game can fit inside a large trunk. We simply bring the game to your home or office and host it like we would a normal escape room in our office. All we need is a large table and an outlet.

The Gangster Trunk packs a lot of punch for a small-scale game. There is still a lot of searching and finding to be done, as well as challenging puzzles and clever riddles. The goal of your team is to uncover the mysterious hiding spot of the lost treasure of Dutch Schultz - think you're up to the task?

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The Traveling Spy

As agents working for the FBI, you must find the proof you need to put away local travel agent Stan Barton, a suspected Russian spy. You must search his office and find the evidence of his true identity. Find his passport before he returns from dinner, or else you could end up like some of his clients that don't return from their vacations!

The Traveling Spy escape game fits into two large plastic tubs and comes with a hangable map. This game is meant for middle-school aged kids rather than adults. It would pair well with the Gangster Trunk where the adults can play one game while the kids play another!

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