Why Escape Rooms are Great for Team Building?

Escape rooms are quickly becoming one of the go-to activities for corporate team building. This is because they force you to communicate and work as a team in order to successfully escape, but they are also unique and fun. Other activities may be fun, but not many force collaboration and critical thinking like an escape room does - and that is exactly what you want your employees to do (unless it's just a holiday party).

After watching hundreds of groups go through our rooms, you can start to see patterns and certain personalities reveal themselves. Escape rooms can reveal who natural leaders are. They can reveal who the timid or submissive people are. They can reveal those who think outside the box versus inside the box. They can reveal who communicates well or poorly. They can reveal how well a group works together. All these things can help you as a business owner or manager improve your team.

Escape Room Team Building, Naperville, IL

While it is our opinion that escape rooms are fun AND team-centric, they will not always give you lasting results that truly benefit your company. Hidden Key Escapes is working on more extensive team building packages for businesses that would include on-site exercises, developed by professionals and in-depth profiling of your employees, with expert consulting by an expert in the field of personality profiling. Our escape rooms would simply be the fun activity at the end of the process. If you'd like to learn more about this opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Do I need Team Building?

Any good manager will tell you that when your team works well together, things get done faster and more efficiently than when you have a broken team. Team building exercises should be an annual activity for most businesses. If you have anywhere from 4 to 100 employees, getting your employees to understand each other better and work well together will always be beneficial.

Team Building Activities, Naperville, IL

A team building exercise is meant to get your employees to think about a project or common goal, and then share with you (and each other) their thoughts relating to this project or goal. This coummincation between employees is not just practice for the workplace, but it gives your employees insight in to how their co-workers think. Aside from an in-depth profile test, this is a good way to start to understand the strengths and weaknesses of certain thought processes. It should be the goal of any manager to put their employees in a position where they can utilize their strengths, mitigate their weaknesses, and have them working with other employees who work well with them.

Team building activites are an important part of keeping your business running smoothly. Hidden Key Escapes is a great place to start.


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