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About Hidden Key Escapes

Our Philosophy

As more and more escape rooms start to open up and provide players with many more choices than ever before, we want to take a minute to share our philosophy on business owning and escape rooms...why we operate the way we do, and how we plan to operate in the future. You can also read more on Why You Should Choose Hidden Key Escapes.

  • Customer Service will Always Be Paramount

    While this should go without saying, some companies don't seem to care about their customers. Our goal is to give you a great experience, and we what we can to always accomplish that goal.

  • Our Escape Room Themes Will Always Be Unique

    Many escape rooms have a similar theme, such as a Laboratory, Bank Heist, or Egyptian room. We strive to make our room themes unique and unlike any you may have previously done.

  • Our Escape Rooms Will Require You To Think

    In our opinion, an escape room is not just a mind-numbing activity such as going to the movies. They are meant to engage your brain, activate your critical thinking skills and to get you working and communicating as a team. It's about the puzzles. We try to have unique and engaging puzzles that require you to really think.

  • Technology is Good - In Moderation

    Technology can really enhance an escape room, adding surprises and an additional "wow" factor you can't achieve without it. However, too much technology can lead to boring, task-based rooms that don't require much thought. Our goal is to have a good mix of technology with non-tech puzzles, making the room exciting while keeping your brain active.

  • We Encourage Feedback and Suggestions

    The only way we can improve is to hear from our customers on how we can do better. We encourage players to give us feedback, fill out surveys, leave reviews, and let us know anything we can do to improve the overall experience.

My hope is that Hidden Key Escapes can provide an inviting atmosphere for people of all ages to have a fun night out where they use their brains and experience the excitement of trying to solve puzzles with your team. If we don't live up to that expectation, please let us know!

Our History

Hidden Key Escapes started as a "can I do this" sort of project. After learning out about room escapes, I knew I had to try it. After my first escape, I was hooked. After a couple more I started getting ideas about puzzles, riddles and things that would be fun to do in a room escape. Instead of letting those ideas go to waste, I wrote them down. As more and more ideas came to me, I knew I would be able to create one. That's when I decided to give it a try and create an escape room in my spare office.

My initial room was tested by a few close friends and family. After hearing their positive feedback I knew I had something people would enjoy. From there I had to decide whether or not opening a business was the smart decision. Since the industry was still very young at the time, I chose to venture out and become my own boss. It took awhile before we started getting found, but once Hidden Key Escapes was discovered the response was great. Seeing the smiles on people's faces when they left our escape rooms made me know I made the right decision.

Over the course of three years and much evolution, Hidden Key Escapes grew into one of the more popular escape room facilities in the Chicagoland area. Located in Naperville, we serve the western suburbs of Chicago, including Aurora, Wheaton, Lisle, Downers Grove, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Lombard and all surrounding towns.

Book your room now and see how fun it can be to be "locked" in a room!

Owner, Hidden Key Escapes


Wednesday 5pm-9:45pm

Thursday 5pm-9:45pm

Friday 5pm-9:45pm

Saturday 12pm-8:45pm

Sunday 12pm-8:45pm

Rooms available every two hours.

Additional weekday reservations may be made upon request. Call for availability.

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